Night Vigil

Members and non-members of the LHCC family are invited to join us every first and third Friday of the month. This program is held at night from 10 pm to 1 am.

This service is also known as Faith Clinic Prayer Service. The ministers and pastor leads the services and prayers are rendered to the congregation based on needs. Miracles signs and wonders often follow in all of our services.

Mission Statement

Prayer is the master key that unlock every closed doors. Rev. 3:8
Ask and you shall receive Matt 7:7

Order of Service

  • 10:00 pm 10:45 - Praise and worship
  • 10:45 pm to 11:00 pm - Testimony/ praise report
  • 11:00 pm to 11:15 pm - Special ministrations in songs by our anointed and gifted soloist and instrumentalist
  • 11:15 pm to 11:45 pm - Word of encouragement and prayers
  • 11:45 pm to 1 pm - Ministrations and laying of hands

Night Vigil