About Lighthouse Christian Church

The Lighthouse Vision:

Guiding light is taken from Matthew 28: 18-19:

Lighthouse church is a light shining worldwide ministry (mission-oriented church). The equipping arena of the saints of God for the master's callings.

It is a fertile ground to draw the saints of God unto the light of his words unto salvation.

We provide the Full gospel teachings to equip the converts to maturity, and prepare the matured for God’s services. The lighthouse is the latter day Harvesters of God’s plantation.

The Mission statements:

Motto: (Mathew 28: 18-19)

  • To create good ground for soul winning unto the Lord
  • A nursery for equipping the saints
  • Preparatory ground for growth and maturity for service.
  • Calling forth and the recognition of spiritual gifts.
  • A five-fold ministry is equipping matured saints for the master usage.
  • A result oriented ministry that made God’s lights to get things done.

Mission Statements summary:

Light House Christian Church mission is to provide a good ground for enrichment of souls (Believers of Christ) and training ground for soul winning. We are passionate about sharing the good news of salvation in Christ and helping others begin their journey.

Lighthouse Christian Church

Lighthouse Christian Church