Children Ministries at LHCC


As parents, you can breathe easy knowing your kids are safe and secure while having fun, meeting new friends and discovering more about God’s Word. Your child will have a blast in our Sunday School programs in the morning and the children’s church activities. It will be the best hour of his or her week!


The kids classes meet at the same time as our main services. So while you are enjoying the worship and teaching, your kids are experiencing God at their speed!


All kids classes receive age appropriate Bible lessons that are presented in a way that is fun, memorable and enables your child to engage and learn.


Every leader and volunteer in our church has had a thorough background check. We also provide a secure check-in / check-out process. You can relax knowing your child is in good hands and having the best hour of his or her week!


We'd love to talk in person on the weekend, or you can email anytime.


At LHCC you can take a breath & relax by knowing your kids are safe & secure while having fun, meeting new friends & discovering more about God’s Word every week!

We have incredible volunteers that work hard to create the atmosphere at LHCC. Each teacher/ volunteer receives excellent training. They engage the kids to help them realize how much Jesus loves them & to make it "the best hour of your kids week!"

We offer age specific classes so kids can interact with other kids their own age and learn in a way that connects with them. In our Elementary class, we enjoy small groups. Whether you find yourself checking in your child from Elementary age or 5th-7th grade class, we are here to serve him or her in a loving, exciting & secure environment.

Children Ministries at LHCC

Children Ministries at LHCC